This page features a mixture of my illustrations, concepts and designs, I continue to practice and develop my style and update this page reguarly. I have always been interested in illustration and concept design, and I enjoy working in both traditional and digital methods (sometimes I work using a combination of both). In my library below, you will find examples of both styles of work, working firstly in pen/ink and then taking my line art into Photoshop or Illustrator to apply digital edits. 

In the last few years I have been working on floral patterns that can work as posters, prints, postcards, shirts and more. These patterns are drawn by hand and uploaded to Redbubble - from there my work is available across all apparel for purchase. I took some of my other floral designs further, I was commissioned to illustrate my patterns across a motorbike helmet and roller-skates. I am currently 'hobbying' with a tattoo machine, and practicing my designs on fruit and synthetic skin, as I also aim to illustrate the designs as tattoos.  

During my free time I am also working on a personal comic book, this is purely for fun and practice. The  story has no title so far and is currently a nameless comic, although I am going with O.C.B. a working title currently. The original idea behind the comic was creating a graphic novel that could be sold with a game, the novel would work as a guide to accompany a game, but written in the style of a comic. I took a lot inspiration from the popular video game series "Dark Souls", the environments, weapons, creatures and armour sets are a perfect fit for my own world that I am trying to illustrate. 

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My work is available on RedBubble, Click the button below!

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