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A year ago I had to give up my first car, I really loved that car and wanted to do something to remember it by, so I modeled the interior and exterior of the car, except for the engine.

I have modeled two version so far, firstly a clean model without much roughness or dirt; a version where the car looks like it is being sold brand new. Secondly I have uploaded a version of what the car actually looked like by the end of it's time in my possession. In the second version I have included the dents and bumps from where I had a few accidents on the road. I have also updated the textures to look dirtier and dustier, I have also added some more assets (rubbish, coins, bags, boxes, tool, oil) just to add some personality to the car and scene.

I have also included some of the refernce imagery so that the model can be compared to the original.

I am now working on modelling an abandoned version of the car, turning the car into a shelter for a character, adding moss & decay as well as plants.

Last year I worked for the elearning company Brightwave, during my time there I helped to set up immersive services and worked on a mockup of our office in 3D. The idea was to produce an interactive office that we could use to help new employees with onboarding. An employee could be sent a VR experience prior to starting a new role in the office, providing them with an immersive experience of their soon to be new work environment.

The model was built in 3DS Max and textured using Quixel Mixer, I took reference imagery of the office and worked from a rough layout of the office. I also used google maps to help replicate the office as accurately as I could (including the kitten picture!), here is a link to the actual office - Here - (The office looks a bit different back then, but the layout is the same). During pitching of the immersive onboarding idea, we demoed the environment on the Vive, utilizing Sketchfab to create an annotated virtual walkthrough of the office. 

Freelance Artist | 3D Design | Illustration

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